Many correlate Christmas with taking a few days off from work, but in reality, things are quite different for lawyers. The holiday season is actually one of the busiest times of the year for many law firms, as there is a sudden increase in personal injuries like serious accidents and employment-related issues. Employees covered under the union contract are eligible to get paid off on Christmas as it is one of the ten approved holidays in the federal calendar. However, New York does not require employers to offer any added benefits to their staff during the holiday season, resulting in employment disputes. As parties are more frequent, the chances of drunk driving are increased, as well as the traffic volumes. According to ValuePenguin, the risks of motor accidents increase during the Christmas period, and there are more chances of fatalities. With the spike in the number of accidents, lawyers get busy negotiating with insurance companies to help their clients get the right compensation. According to Levine and Blit “With many businesses reducing staff or closing during the festive season, there can be an increased risk of work-related injuries. This could be due to “burn out” for those managing the business affairs with only skeleton staff available on call to support. “Delivery services find it more difficult to cope with the current increased demand, thus, there is a rise in the chances of work-related injuries or accidents”. All employees, either full-time or part-time, are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim if they meet an injury or accident related to work or caused by the conditions in the workplace. As for family court, there are more plea deals during the holiday season, as there are higher chances of getting a non-custodial sentence from the court on the basis of compassionate grounds. Additionally, attorneys prep for bigger cases scheduled for hearing in january. This usually keeps legal professionals busy preparing for the bigger cases that require more research, paperwork, etc. Menu