As December rolls in with its many different festivities, it seems as if everyone is sending out holiday greetings. Most people look forward to receiving the expected and welcomed holiday wishes from their family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, these are not the only ones sending out Christmas cards. From local businesses giving away Christmas cards that double as coupons, to dentists wishing you Merry Christmas and casually reminding you that it’s time for your checkup, as well as the variety of service providers relentlessly spamming your email with holiday offers. So it’s not surprising that even lawyers are sending out holiday greetings. Here’s one that, along with the responses it got, made us laugh. For quite some time lawyers and their clients have been sharing a hilariously edited greeting. Supposedly written by a lawyer, this Merry Christmas card has probably the most ‘reasonable’ holiday wishes. Their greeting read as follows: I wish you. [but in no way guarantee] a [reasonably] Merry Christmas, [and/or festive period] and [including but not limited to] a [reasonably] happy new year [twelve (12) months from the date hereof]. Menu